My name is Piotr /pjɔtr/. I was born in 1982 in Poland. I am a professor at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, Poland.

My research interests embrace two fields: management research (with a special focus on strategy, decision-making, and theory building) and philosophy of science and action (highlighted themes: intentions, practical rationality, automaticity, explanation, rationality of science). My approach to those two areas is highly interdisciplinary, hence my interests cover also a wider range of issues (metaphilosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, but also – selected problems in cognitive and social psychology, AI, decision theory, game theory, and behavioural economics).

Good idea about my academic profile and interests gives the mini-interview carried out by Istvan Zardai from

In the field of management, I published in Journal of ManagementAcademy of Management Review, and Technological Forecasting and Social Change. In  the area of philosophy I published, among others, a book on action theory in Palgrave Macmillan and papers in Review of Philosophy and Psychology, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, and Synthese

A significant portion of my academic work and scientific experience is connected with a research on the international arena. I presented my research at international seminars, workshops, conferences, and congresses in Europe, Asia and North America.

In 2012 I won a Fulbright Senior Advanced Research Award (research at UC Davis, USA), and in 2013 – the Scholarship for Polish Distinguished Young Scientists. Also, I was a visiting fellow at UC Riverside (USA), University of Helsinki (Finland) and Roma Tre (Italy).

I am an aficionado of contemporary music, Ancient Greek language, and long distance cycling. My newest hobbies are alpine skiing and climbing. And a bass guitar.