seminar talk at Johannes Kepler University Linz (Linz, Austria)
12th Polish Congress of Philosophy (Lodz, Poland)
 AOM 2023Title Detail: Organizational Wrongdoing as the “Foundational” Grand Challenge by Claudia Gabbioneta
chapter in RSO vol. 85
new position: Reader in OB (Queen’s University Belfast)
Scientific Reports paper (Nature)
Journal of Management paper (Sage)
10th Congress of SEFA 2022 (Santiago de Compostela)
Synthese paper with T. Ciecierski (Springer)
Rector’s distinction (U.Warsaw)
Social Ontology Workshop (Bucarest, Romania)
15th Congress of Semiotics (Thessaloniki, Greece)
EGOS 2022 Colloquium (Vienna, Austria)

Host for AOM Idea Development Workshop (Warsaw, Poland)
PHOM 2022 (Oxford, UK)
seminar talk at UoB School of Management 2022 (UK)
TOP MINDS Mentorship Program – Advisor (Poland)
LOD 2021 (Grasmere, UK)
AOM 2021 (USA, online)
Review of Philosophy and Psychology paper (Springer)
Academy of Management Review Dialogue paper (AOM)
 Academy of Management Proceedings – Best Paper (AOM)
Technological Forecasting and Social Change paper (Elsevier)
Academy of Management Review paper (AOM)
EURAM 2020 (Ireland)
ECAP 2020 (Nederlands)
AOM 2020 (Canada)EGOS 2020 (Germany)
SPE 11 2019 (Poland)
11th Polish Congress of Philosophy 2019 (Poland)
EGOS 2019 (UK)
AMJ/AMR Paper & Idea Development Workshop 2019 (Portugal)
Helsinki Workshop on Routines and Practices 2019 (Finland)
PhiLang 2019 (Poland)
Academy of Management Annual Meeting Chicago 2018 (USA)
plakat_do sieciPhilosophers’ Rally 2018 (Poland)
Context, Cognition, Communication 2018 (Poland)
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania university of california riverside logo
talk at Dept. of Philosophy, University of California, Riverside 2018 (USA)
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania APA san diego philosophyAPA, San Diego 2018 (USA)
invited talk at HULT 2018 (San Francisco, USA)
Philosophers’ Rally 2017 (Poland)

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The Opponent – PhD defence at Univ. of Helsinki 2017 (Finland)
Back to Aristotle 2016 (Poznan, Poland)
plakat_do sieciPhilosophers’ Rally 2016 (Bialystok, Poland)
context_posterContext, Cognition, Communication 2016 (Warsaw, Poland)

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10th Polish Congress of Philosophy 2015 (Poznan, Poland)
Zdjęcie 25.05.2017, 01 21 40Ontological Conditions of Action. Intentions, Reasons, Performance 2015 (Poznan, Poland)


UDZ 2015: Mind – Decisions – Behaviour (Torun, Poland)


Self-Knowledge and Moral Identity 2015 (Bombay, India)


ACERP 2014 (Osaka, Japan)

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Open Lecture at Canakkale University 2014 (Canakkale, Turkey)


ECTA 2013 (Poznan, Poland)


Philosophers’ Rally 2013 (Poznan, Poland)
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Fulbright Senior Advanced Research Award (2013)
David Hume. The Mechanics of Mind 2011 (Warsaw, Poland)


MLM2010 (Zagreb, Croatia)