My work embraces two fields: organisational research and philosophy (focus on action theory and phil of science).

In the field of organisational research I am focused mainly on theory building, organisation theory (OMT) and organisational psychology (IOP, OB), with a special stress on routines, capabilities and micro-foundations of Organisational Behavior. My approach to these topics remains within the bounded resources paradigm. I also work on theory building drawing strongly from the philosophy of science and knowledge management.

I have just completed research project Intentionality of organizational routines sponsored by National Science Centre Poland, (Grant No. 2018/29/B/HS4/01824). The goal of the 3-year project was to elaborate a conceptual model of intentionality for routine actions and explore how the extant routines literature deals with the problem of intentionality on a terminological level. Brief description of the project can be found HERE. The agenda allowed to produce a few articles published in top-tier journals (not only in the field of management, but also in philosophy).

In the terrain of action theory I draw inspirations from various fields – from the philosophy of science, history of philosophy of action (Kotarbiński, Davidson) through theories of rationality, reasons for action and decision theory to cognitive and social psychology. Highlighted themes are: effectiveness, intentions/planning, automaticity, cooperation, resource-boundedness. I also explore issues related to micro-macro explanations.

Recently I also cooperated with a team of philosophers of language at the University of Warsaw, directed by Tadeusz Ciecierski, who work on the project Semantic and epistemological aspects of ostension: from demonstrating procedures to exploitation of the context of utterance, The grant was also sponsored by National Science Centre Poland (Grant No. 2018/29/B/HS1/01868). My role in the project was to provide the action-theoretical support in developing some ideas related to demonstrations.

Recently I have started working on a Sticky Concepts project which is related to barriers to theory building in the area of organizational research. The agenda will involve multiple scholars from other countries.



  • Denial and creativity. Exploring uncharted territories (with Claudio Biscaro and Roja Ratzinger), for the volume: Science Denial Impact: People, Organizations, and Institutions, E. Bruni and L. Lefsrud Eds.,
  • Stickiness of concepts and creativity. Understanding the barriers to innovative theory building (with Claudio Biscaro);


  • Making sense of the psycho-cognitive micro-foundations of organizational routines: Automaticity/flexibility problem revisited (R1)
  • Mapping intentionality of routines: A bibliometric method (with Przemyslaw Hensel),
  • (Re)conceptualisations. Intentional concept development in the social sciences;

early stage:

  • Shared intentions in the Coleman Boat,
  • Demonstrating by refraining from gesture,
  • Intention – is there such a thing in your head?;