I am working on the area of action theory, drawing inspirations from various fields – from the history of philosophy of action through theories of rationality and decision theory to management science and cognitive psychology. Highlighted themes are: effectiveness, intentions/planning and automatic behavior.

One of my last bigger research-organizational enterprises was ECTA 2013: European Conference on Theory of Action: Reasons for Action and Praxiology – Broadening the Borders. It has resulted in a collection of edited papers published in Transaction. The Editors’ preview is available HERE.

Recently I have published a critical paper on M.E. Bratman’s ‘planning theory’ which came out in Philosophical Psychology and which is an attempt at broadening the understanding of psychological stability in action.

Most recently, I have published a book: Tadeusz Kotarbiński’s Action Theory Reinterpretive Studies. It is an interpretation of the action-theoretical aspects of Kotarbiński’s so-called praxiology proposed from the perspective of contemporary intentionalistic philosophy of action (teaser HERE).


in review:

  • The heritage of March’s and Simon’s ‘programs’. Current debates on the nature of routines and habits


  • What are psychological micro-foundations of routine behaviour? (in Polish)
  • Context-dependence of distal intentions in planning structures

early stage:

  • Hybrid shared agency – intentionality and automatic imitation
  • Motor intention – is there such a thing in your head?