Education is a significant part of my work. I have a garden-variety teaching and supervising experience with management students, philosophy students, but also with the students of ethics, social communication and public policy.


During my over 14-year experience of teaching (4 years at University of Warsaw Faculty of Management, 6 years as an assistant professor and 4 years as a teaching assistant at AMU Institute of Philosophy) I have been giving various classes:

University of Warsaw (current):


  1. Power and Politics in Organisations,


  1. Business Process Management,
  2. Negotiation;
Adam Mickiewicz University (past):


  1. Practical Philosophy and Praxiology (for ethics students),
  2. Kotarbiński’s Action Theory (elective),
  3. Intention (elective, in English),
  4. Metaethics (for ethics students),
  5. Pragmatism (for philosophy students and social communication students),
  6. History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (for ethics students),
  7. Contemporary Analytical Metaethics (elective);



  1. Collective Intentionality (elective, in English),
  2. Rorty’s Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (elective),
  3. Praxiology (elective),
  4. Value Theory (for ethics students),
  5. Retorics and Eristics (for social communication students),
  6. Self-governance (elective, in English),
  7. Ethics (for philosophy students and social communication students),
  8. Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason (elective),
  9. Ancient Greek for Philosophers (elective),
  10. Ethics and Culture of Public Policy (for public policy students),
  11. Social Philosophy (for public policy students);

I prefer interactive style of work which sensibly uses presentations and invites students to actively participate in classes.

Supervision & Mentorship

My teaching also encompass supervision of student’s work at all levels (BA, MA, and PhD). Recently I have promoted one 1 PhD student (cum laude). I also engage in mentoring graduate and postgraduate students (both formally and informally).

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